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Just don't, or I will hide your comment. It's disrespectful to me in several ways. Just don't, please?
If you do not have the respect to simply read this, I will not give you the time of day.

You can thank me for the watch, however, and I will thank you for watching me.

Call me Tane, my typical username/nickname.

Warning: Occasionally post NSFW (censored) content. Trashposting is to be expected

I appreciate comments and favs, of course.
I post photos in large, annoying photo dumps and I also put my digital art on here. There's also the traditional art sketch dumps and the occasional attempt at writing.

Also I may or may not do the thing you tagged me to.

I think I understand what happened now. Spoilers amuck. 

On June 19th, father’s day, Yellow Guy ran away from the house of his abusive father and stayed at his friends’ house. Sketchbook shows up - But they do not have any affiliation with Roy or the Teacher Machine at all. 

We already know Roy had no qualms with showing nudity in front of his son 

Not only is he browsing porn in front of his son, but there’s a picture of a naked lady on the wall. 

Keep in mind Yellow Guy is most likely a child. We also hear this little gem from him:

“Why are we in my dad’s house?” 


It’s from the Kickstarter video, where the puppets have been kidnapped and tied up. Note that Yellow Guy only notes that it’s his ‘dad’s house’ after he first asked, “Where are we?” After a few good seconds of him looking around his surroundings, he concludes it’s his dad’s house. 

In the interview on the It’s Nice That website, Roy says,

“My silly boy has allowed his eyes to grow arrogant and rude, for this I will take him on a trip to punish land.”

Roy tried to take his son on a trip to ‘punish land’, but Yellow Guy ran away.

In the first short, what’s under the calendar that says it’s June 19th, which was father’s day in 2016? 

The camera slowly pans down to reveal that it’s many knives. 

A lot of emphasis is placed on the solemn silence in the first short, with the only the tick of a clock and dead air being heard. Everyone is sitting at the table silently, as if there’s something that’s keeping the silence. 

Yellow Guy’s position at the table makes him the center of attention from the very beginning. His face is very perturbed. 

But then Sketchbook shows up, talking about creativity. What prompts their visit if it wasn’t the teacher machine?

Well, next to the phone, there is a note.

This is a reminder. Likely, this is either what Red or Green wanted to do. Note that in the Kickstarter, Green says, “This isn’t our house”, implying that the two own the house and live together. They left this as a reminder note. 

And what do you know, somebody shows up and teaches them how to get creative. 

In the interview mentioned, it says this in the intro:

“After wracking our brains for an angle, we found that the questions that needed answering had already been asked, but not answered, in the script of each episode. To sate your curiosity, and probably further confuse things, we asked these questions that have been posed previously by a computer, a lamb chop, a hallucination and the stars themselves.”

Now we know the computer refers to Colin, and the lamb chop to the Health Band, but then it talks about a hallucination. Tony the Talking Clock nor Shrignold asks anyone questions. Sketchbook does. 

Sketchbook is Red Guy’s creation. 

In the sixth video, it is Red Guy who sings his own rendition of the Creative song, and talks about a file coming to life. He wants to be more creative, but doesn’t know how. 

And so Sketchbook shows up, a reflection of Red Guy’s desires to be creative, but only his idea of creativity. 

Many things in Red and Green’s house have faces on them (there’s a green cactus with a face shaped in needles, and a red tuff of hair with googly eyes on it), and what does Sketchbook mention seeing on the orange? A silly face. But Green doesn’t see what they mean, because this is Red Guy’s vision. 

And why does Red Guy find Sketchbook’s expressive hair boring, if it’s his wish fulfillment? He’s already made of hair!

And then there’s the segment with the clouds.

“Take another look…”

Once Sketchbook puts the magnifying glass over their eye, everyone starts seeing things their way.

And from thence on in the video, nobody questions Sketchbook’s word at all. 

Yellow’s ideas are put down by Sketchbook because they just don’t fit Red’s ideas of what are creative. Green isn’t a creative color because Red’s favorite color is blue, not red. And Sketchbook doesn’t go after Duck’s choice of ‘red’ because… Well, Red is red. 

Sketchbook has seemingly arbitrary ideas of what is creative or not because their ideas reflect Red’s - Who doesn’t know how to be creative in the first place.

Sketchbook manifests after Red starts listening to the “in his brain”.

But something goes wrong for everyone, including Sketchbook after this shot:

The art suddenly shifts from felt to CGI - something associated with computers. The music starts to take a strange shift - Somebody says “Get creative” in a distorted voice and a discordant violin starts playing. 

The puppets are making their strange creations, and Duck places the first D in ‘death’. Then, this happens. 

The art shifts to CGI once more and we get a shot of the puppets surrounded by filming equipment with eyes. They were being watched the whole time - And this is when Roy takes over with the Teacher Machine. Roy is going to teach his son a lesson for running away. 

And this is mirrored by this scene in DHMIS 4:

Red finds reality after escaping the digital world and following a cord from Roy’s machine, and finds himself in a room mirroring the first video. 

Note that Yellow is given the line “I am the stupid one”. This is what Roy thinks of Yellow, and why Yellow acts dumber after the first video. Since Roy started controlling the puppets, he’s making them act in ways they would’t normally, based on his perceptions of them.

On the revelation that the whole thing has just been some simulation the whole time, his head explodes. Like a balloon filled with glitter.

Cue what many call the Creativity Explosion in the first video. Yellow and Green both change bodies and start acting strangely, like they have been replaced.

Red Guy doesn’t engage in any of the craziness, because it’s not his vision of creativeness. It’s Roy’s. Suddenly, Notebook isn’t in control any more. This wasn’t their intention at all and they have no idea why thing went so wrong. 

Thus, “Now let’s all agree, to never be creative again.”

Notebook is the only teacher to show that they do not approve of the horrors that happened. After that, Sketchbook shows up in the Kickstarter nailed to the way and with their face torn off, and later in the love cult. 

In DHMIS 6, Sketchbook never shows up when Red Guy is messing with the controls but Green and himself do. While Sketchbook was shown not to be a part of the simulation, it was shown that there are copies of Red and Green. Just to torture Yellow.

And what happens when Red disconnects the computer?

It turns from father’s day to the 20th. Time moves on. The puppets are now their favorite colors and the Sketchbook shows up again. 

That’s because Sketchbook was never Roy’s doing. It was Red’s.

And most importantly, in the new room, there is something they never had before.

door. Without Roy, they are now free. They have a choice they can take. And this time, perhaps they can learn to be creative the right way.

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